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The Council

A charismatic and influential figure, Ashan carries the charm of a natural leader. Having served in the Atlantean Navy, his military background instills discipline and strategic thinking. As the head of the Center for Science and Magic Research and Development, he passionately merges the realms of science and mysticism, striving to bring progress and innovation to Atlantis.

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Serene and compassionate, Ashana captivates the hearts of the Atlantean people with her unwavering kindness. Admired for her eloquence and well-spoken nature, she carries herself with grace and wisdom. As a member of the Atlantean Magic Council and Air Force, she possesses a deep connection to the magical energies of Atlantis, utilizing her knowledge to safeguard the city and its people.

Known as the voice of reason and a beacon of truth, Chief's past as the town crier has shaped his dedication to unbiased reporting. Elected by the people of Atlantis as a city councilman, he brings a wealth of worldly experiences and a balanced perspective to the table. With his extensive travels, he offers valuable insights and ensures that the people of Atlantis are well-informed about local and international affairs.

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As the head of the Atlantean military, Shalako carries the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. Strong-willed and decisive, he leads with a sense of duty and determination. With his strategic mind and exceptional leadership skills, he safeguards the security of Atlantis, ensuring its protection against potential threats.

Atlantis Chronicles

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